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The Saint In London Malayalam Full Movie Free Download

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The Saint returns to London and with the help of an American pickpocket and a beautiful adventuress breaks a counterfeiting ring.

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original title: The Saint in London

genge: Action,Comedy,Crime,Drama,Mystery,Romance

imdb: 6

duration: 1h 12min

tags: He's at it again! Fiction's fighting man of mystery! Chasing down the most dramatic crime in London legend! Shock-charged drama--with a peppery bit of love on the side! You'll laugh--shiver--THRILL!

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The Saint, visiting in London, is tipped off by a friend in the British Intelligence, that there appears to something fishy going on regarding the representative of a foreign government who is in London arranging for the printing of paper currency for his country. A gang of crooks are trying to force the agent to give an additional order for the printing of millions in bank notes which are to be turned over to them. Fearing that The Saint is getting to close to their scheme, they kidnap his friend, Penny Parker, and are holding her hostage until The Saing turns over an incrimination document stolen from the home of the master-mind criminal. The Saint returns to London and with the help of an American pickpocket and a beautiful adventuress breaks a counterfeiting ring. Society girl Penny Parker (Sally Gray) describes what she has heard about the Saint: "He's supposed to be tall and handsome, and he's supposed to have a cross-shaped scar...." She pauses as Simon Templar, with whom she has been dancing, reaches over to light her cigarette, baring his right wrist. She takes a glance and coolly resumes: "A cross-shaped scar on his right wrist."

George Sanders is back as Simon Templar in this easygoing mystery. Sally Gray and David Burns are his two loyal sidekicks: the three leads together make up a fun trio—as different as can be, and yet enjoying each other's company immensely.

Gray is the girl who begins tagging along after Templar pretty much as soon as she realizes his identity, offering assistance, getting in the way, and saving his life once or twice. Burns is fun as Dugan, the American ex-convict (from Leavenworth, not Sing Sing!) who hires on as Templar's valet and performs various duties. Part comic relief, part right hand man, Dugan has a clear philosophy: "Me? I figure to do just like I'm told, and then maybe muscle in on the fireworks later on."

The mystery plot itself is nothing spectacular; it follows a high class gang's scheme to print off a large stack of foreign money, and the Saint's efforts to ferret out and capture their leader, Bruno Lang (played with suave nastiness by Henry Oscar).

My favorite line: Penny Parker explaining to Dugan that the Saint isn't really a criminal…. "He's more like a sort of Robin Hood." "Yeah?" Dugan snaps suspiciously. "Who's this guy Hood?"

Overall, it's simple but lots of fun, with Sanders excellent as always as the irresistible Simon Templar. Or my favorite, at least. I like the other Sanders entries, Hugh Sinclair's two shots at the role, and Louis Hayward's SAINT IN NEW YORK, but this one just seems to completely capture the lighthearted and eccentric but adventurous feel of the classic British "thriller" to a tee. The slightly giddy but very beautiful Sally Gray is a wonderful leading lady, and David Burns (a versatile and talented Broadway performer) is easily the Saint's best sidekick; he's tough and smart and not a buffoon in the least. Henry Oscar is also a classic villainous "Mr. Big." The dialog is sharp and witty throughout. Highly recommended.


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