18. Sep, 2018

Peace Hotel Dubbed Hindi Movie Free Download Torrent

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A retired old west killer sets up a hotel for vagrants and wayward souls called Peace Hotel. When a woman with a gang on her tail attempts to hide there the owner of the hotel must revert to his old w

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original title: Peace Hotel

genge: Action,Crime,Drama,Romance,Western

imdb: 7.8

duration: 1h 29min

tags: Solitude is not Peace Killer is the Protector

keywords: spaghettiwestern, 1930s, dollyzoom, vertigoshot, streetshootout, neowestern, sex, kissingwhilehavingsex, martialarts, mixedmartialarts, kendo, torch, hotelfight, horse, brutality, stylizedviolence, ma
















































Set circa 1930, "The King of Killers", a one-man killing machine who, after his wife's murder, has decided to set up the "Peace Hotel", a sanctuary where anyone can stay and be protected from those who want to harm them. Although he has pledged never to kick anyone out of the Peace Hotel, he is put to the test when a penniless female swindler, who is wanted by a vicious gang for murdering their boss, shows up. Now he has to decide whether to risk an all-out war with the gang, or whether to ask her to leave the hotel. A retired old west killer sets up a hotel for vagrants and wayward souls called Peace Hotel. When a woman with a gang on her tail attempts to hide there the owner of the hotel must revert to his old ways to protect his hotel. Peace Hotel is a very original and very well acted vehicle written and starring Chow Yun Fat. In this Chinese western , CYF is a man known as The Killer who in a fit of rage slaughtered 200 people and opened a hotel where fugitives can find amnesty and live peaceful lives under The Killer 's protection. No one dares to mess around there until the gorgeous Cecelia Yip shows up with an army of ruffians in her pursuit . The volatile chemistry between Cecelia Yip and Chow Yun Fat is excellent and the performance and presence of CYF is top notch. The story as good as it is builds to action sequences that don't do the film justice . The action scenes are a blur and while it may establish The Killer is totally badass, it is my one complainant about the film . If the action was up to par with the story and acting , Peace Hotel could hold a candle to classics like The Killer and A Better Tomorrow. Even so , Peace Hotel is a very good film and I definitely recommend it. This movie is absolutely gripping from beginning to end. Chow Yun Fat is magnificent as always, Cecilia Yip is appropriately dramatic without being annoying, and the storyline is engaging. The fight scenes are more stylistic than the ultra-violent bloodfests in his Woo films, but they don't lose any impact for the stylism. There are certain images and scenes in this movie that will really stand out when you watch it, and Chow Yun Fat's amazing ability to convey a character's entire past with one silent glare is on full display. The splice scenes at the end, which reference the beginning, are masterfully done and heighten the climax of the movie, keeping a sense of tension throughout the last half hour that does not let you go before the credits roll. I wish the climactic fight scene had not been so blurred and hyper-distorted, but that's because I'm a huge fan of Chow Yun Fat's gun-fu acrobatics and this just wasn't the movie for that. In general, Peace Hotel had more drama and better acting (plus a better script) than I expected, and in many ways is more brutal than one of his Woo films even though Woo's buckets of blood aren't on display here. The brutality is more up-close and personal, and thus it seems to hit harder and stay with you longer. This is definitely one to own if you're a Chow Yun Fat fan.


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